The SCS team is comprised of world leaders in the security industry who have proven track records of success at the highest levels.  Our experts exemplify integrity and ethical conduct and use our experience to provide our clients with the solutions that meet their unique needs.

Trust based Relationships and Sustainable Business Development

Our goal is to develop strong working relationships with our clients, partners and all those affiliated with our company. We want our clients to feel like our partners. We want our clients to succeed.  We nurture business relationships and provide solutions to our clients that will be sustainable for their long-term growth and achieve their business goals.terrorism, counter sabotage, and security systems and design.

Respect for Cultural Diversity and Global Leadership

We respect the values of the societies in which we operate, and exemplify that respect through solutions we develop for our clients as well as the relationships we form in diverse cultures. Security means leading by example. Through our international work we believe that our expertise helps business growth and the empowerment of citizens in the developing world.d customized security systems for all industries we work in.

Changing the Face of the Challenging Security Environment

We use our security expertise to provide solutions based on intelligence and strategy–to be proactive in preventing costly threats. Our solutions demonstrate to clients how pre-emptive security planning can lead to significant cost savings; bolsters international reputation; leads to better relations; raises corporate culture; empowers employees and naturally improves social responsibility.

Love and Passion

We love what we do. We love working with people and sharing our knowledge and experience and showing how security helps achieve their company’s goals.


Sussman Corporate Security is a values-driven company. Our core values are integrity, social responsibility, client satisfaction and excellence.