The SCS team is comprised of the world’s foremost security experts with decades of experience. We have secured airports, seaports, oil and gas infrastructure, mines, railroads, water infrastructure, pipelines, manufacturing, corporate headquarters, luxury residences, luxury retail and luxury hotels. Our professionals have conducted security evaluations, designed security infrastructure, procured and installed equipment, designed security protocols and trained security personnel all over the world.


SCS experts have held key positions in strategic analysis, intelligence and operations. Government bodies, major corporations and NGOs frequently seek out SCS experts. Many members of our team have taught at major universities around the world.

Professional Experience 

  • Our experts have held positions at leading security institutions
  • Worked in 55 countries
  • Written security reports, evaluations and analysis on more than 135 countries
  • Served as advisors to VIPs worldwide

Security Evaluations

  • Our experts have conducted specialized security evaluations for airports, seaports, mines, manufacturing facilities, water infrastructure and utilities, ultrahigh value residences, corporate facilities, large pipeline networks and luxury hotels
  • Contain specialized knowledge in topographic and geographic mapping, criminal analysis, counter-terrorism, counter sabotage, and security systems and design

Customized Security Blueprints

  • Our experts have procured and installed hundreds of millions of dollars of security technology and equipment on every continent
  • Designed customized security systems for all industries in which we offer services


  • Our experts have trained thousands of security professionals in responding to insider threats
  •  Trained thousands of security professionals in open source, imagery intelligence analysis and human source intelligence
  • Trained tens of thousands of security professionals in rapid response to emerging threats
  • Trained hundreds of security professionals in clearing transportation routes for secure transport