Sussman Corporate Security is a multi-national company founded by a group of experts from the highest echelons of the world’s leading security, policy, strategic planning and intelligence agencies.


We came together to redefine corporate security. Since its founding SCS has been sought out by international clients from major industries.

SCS formed a network of strategists with a history of achieving extraordinary results in the most challenging circumstances. We chose each member of our team for their unprecedented level of knowledge, relationships and experience in their own field.


Our experts have all played key roles in the regions of the world where we operate, including

  • Planning policy in developing countries
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key decision makers
  • Planning security and management in all industries where we operate
  • Designing security for major critical infrastructure
  • Inter-disciplinary expertise in counter-terrorism, maritime security, counter-sabotage
  • Designing blueprints for security architecture